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  • Nuclear and cytoplasmic expression of beta-catenin in solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas.
  • Nuclear beta-catenin expression in fibromatosis.
  • Nuclear beta-catenin expression in fibromatosis.




Technical InfoEdit

Staining PatternEdit

  • Nuclear or nuclear and cytoplasmic

Expression in Normal TissuesEdit

Expression in Neoplastic EntitiesEdit

Tumor name % Positive Staining Number of Cases
Pilomatrixoma 100%[1] 21/21 [1]
Superficial (palmar and plantar) fibromatosis

Intermediate/Uncertain Malignant PotentialEdit
Tumor name % Positive Staining Number of Cases
Desmoid-type fibromatosis
Solid pseudopapillary tumor (pancreas)

Tumor name % Positive Staining Number of Cases
Colorectal Adenocarcinoma (nuclear)[2]
Pilomatrix carcinoma 100%[1] 5/5[1]

Expression in Non-Neoplastic EntitiesEdit

Practical Uses / PanelsEdit

Common PitfallsEdit


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  2. Wong SC, Lo ES, Lee KC, Chan JK, HSiao WL. Prognostic and Diagnostic Significance of Beta-catenin Nuclear Immunostaining in Colorectal Cancer. Clinical Cancer Research 2004; 10(4): 1401-8.

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