• CD68 expression in germinal center macrophages.
  • CD68 expression in a rare example of primary cutaneous PEComa.

CD68 is a lysosomal glycoprotein that is expressed in monocytes/macrophages/histiocytes, [1] as well as in other cells containing lysosomes.



  • KP-1
  • PG-M1

Technical InfoEdit

Staining PatternEdit

  • Cytoplasmic

Expression in Normal TissuesEdit

  • Macrophages/Histiocytes

Expression in Neoplastic EntitiesEdit


  • Expressed in many high grade sarcomas.

Expression in Non-Neoplastic EntitiesEdit

Practical Uses / PanelsEdit

Common PitfallsEdit

  • Antibodies against CD68 may stain any cell containing lysosomes, and, thus, it is not specific for histiocytic lineage in high grade sarcomas and other tumors.


  1. Holness CL, Simmons DL. Molecular cloning of CD68, a human macrophage marker related to lysosomal glycoproteins. Blood. March 1993. vol. 81 (6):1607–13.

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