Most commonly performed to work up diarrhea or other digestive complaints, or for surveillance in patients with known inflammatory bowel disease. Many will be normal.

Fresh Handling/Grossing In/Sample DictationEdit

See Endoscopic biopsies general

Review and SignoutEdit

Major entities you may diagnose include ischemia, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's/UC), microscopic (lymphocytic/collagenous) colitis, infectious colitis, and graft-versus-host disease.

1. Colon, ascending, biopsy:

-Colonic mucosa with no signficant inflammation or dysplasia.
-Colonic mucosa with (minimal, mild, moderate, severe) acute and chronic inflammation (and crypt architecture distortion), negative for dysplasia, see note.

If the patient does not have an established history of inflammatory bowel disease, most pathologists will be descriptive even if the changes might well be consistent with IBD.

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