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  • Cytokeratin 5/6 (CK 5/6) staining basal cells in a benign prostate gland.
  • Cytokeratin 5/6 expression in eccrine ducts and coil. Note that while both layers of the eccrine duct express CK 5/6, only the basal layer stains positively with CK 5/6 in the eccrine coil.
  • Cytokeratin 5/6 expression in normal parotid gland
  • Cytokeratin 5/6 expression in normal parotid gland



  • 34BE12

Technical InfoEdit

Staining PatternEdit

Expression in Normal TissuesEdit

  • Cornea
  • Breast myoepithelial cells
  • Mesothelium
  • Adult nail unit
  • Basal layer of: prostate, skin, urothelium, spermatogenic cells, and salivary glands
  • Esophagus
  • Epidermal and epithelial glands
  • Oral mucosa
  • Stomach

Expression in Neoplastic EntitiesEdit

  • Usual ductal hyperplasia[1]
  • Adrenal cortical adenoma[2]
  • Adrenal cortical carcinoma[2]
  • Lung (adenocarcinoma[3] and squamous[4])

Expression in Non-Neoplastic EntitiesEdit

  • Psoriasis
  • Cutaneous amyloidosis[5]

Practical Uses / PanelsEdit

  • Usual ductal hyperplasia vs. DCIS[1]
  • Epitheliod mesothelioma vs. lung adenocarcinoma[6]
  • Has prognostic value when used with EGFR to determine if a triple negative breast carcinoma (ER-, PR-, Her2-) is expressing basal cell antigens (Basal-like breast carcinomas are CK5/6+ and EGFR+ and have a worse prognosis)[7]
  • Sinonasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma (SNUC) vs Squamous Cell Carcinoma (keratinizing and non-keratinizing types) in the sinonasal tract.[8]

Common PitfallsEdit

Related Links/Other ResourcesEdit


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