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Comment 1: 4/12/12

Residency Program Name: Dalhousie University – Anatomical Pathology, General Pathology, Haematopathology

Program Website:

Residency Program Director:

  • Dr. P. Barnes (AP) / Dr. D. Werner (GP) / Dr. A. Shawwa (HP)

Number of residents (per year / total):

  • 1-3 (match to “lab medicine” – AP – GP (AP/CP) – haemepath
  • 11 (AP), 6 (GP), 4 (HP)

Visas Sponsored:


  • High volume, high quality surgicals, extra rounds in high volume specialties (GI, derm), world-renown teaching staff, lots of grossing and autopsy experience, grads pass boards, get fellowships, jobs, lab director course, enthusiastic teaching staff.


  • Decreasing research/conference funding, lack of resident-dedicated grossing bay.

Average work hours on surg path?

  • ~50-60 hours a week.

Are you allowed to do external rotations?

  • Yes.

Famous Faculty:

  • Dr. Ian Wanless (Hepatopathologist), Dr. N. Walsh (Dermatopathologist)

Do you feel you have:

Adequate preview time?

  • Yes (usually 24 hours).

Adequate support staff (P.A.’s, secretarial, etc.)?

  • Yes (4 PAs, will be 5 soon, many secretaries).

Adequate AP Teaching?

  • Yes – lots of one-on-one, academic half day, multiple rounds.

Adequate CP Teaching?

  • N/A (writer in AP program; can't comment).

Are Fellowship Programs Offered? Please list:

  • Yes – Dermatopathology, Transfusion Medicine, AP.

CAP Standardized Fellowship Application Accepted?

  • Unknown.

Comment 2: 3/26/2013

Program name:      Dalhousie University - Nova Scotia (Can)

Program Director:  Dr. P. Barnes (AP); Dr. A. Thoni (General Pathology)

Number of residents (per year / total):            1-3/10 (AP); 1-2/6 (General Pathology)

Visas sponsored?   No

Average work hours on surgical path?           60 hrs/week

Are you allowed to do external rotations? Yes

Do you feel you have:

·         Adequate preview time? Yes

·         Adequate reading time? Yes

·         Adequate support staff (PA’s, Secretarial, etc…)? Yes

·         Adequate AP Teaching? Yes

·         Adequate CP Teaching? Yes - room for improvement

·         Graduated responsibilities? Yes

Fellowship Programs offered? Please list.        Dermatopathology; AP

CAP Standardized Fellowship Application Accepted? Unknown

Additional benefits to trainees (Book Fund, Travel Fund, Other resources):     Book fund/review course ($1000 - Senior year); conference travel if presenting ($2000CND/yr); ~$1500/yr for books in residents' room (not /resident)

Famous Faculty:     Ian Wanless (Hepatobiliary); Noreen Walsh (Derm)

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