This is a list of dermatology mnemonics and other phrases used to assist in memorization of facts for the dermatology board exam. Please contribute your favorite mnemonics and study devices to this page.

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Intracellular Organisms ("HIS GIRL PENELOPE")Edit


  • HIS: histoplasmosis
  • GI: granuloma inguinale
  • R: Rhinoscleroma
  • L: Leishmaniasis
  • PEN: Penicillium marnefi

Histologic Layers of the Epidermis (Californians Like Girls in String Bikinis)Edit

From top to bottom (superficial layer to deepest layer):

  • Crotchless Lovers Gotta Stop Banging

X Linked Recessive GenodermatosesEdit

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X Linked Dominant GenodermatosesEdit

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P - Parakeratosis

L - Lichenoid infiltrate

E - Extravasated RBCs

V - V-shaped (wedge) infiltrate

A - Apoptotic keratinocytes

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