With all the recent scientific news on the possibility of using protein markers like Mesothelin in potential Cancer targeting treatments, I have a specific but simple question and would greatly appreciate any feedback.

How do you insure through surgical biopsy and pathology evaluation that a malignancy has a true mesothelin expression vs the positivity of Mesothelin in pathology results simply being an almost unavoidable aspect of the biopsy and FNA process?

Background: Although science has yet to determine the specific importance of Mesothelin sans it's suspected impact on cell adherence, what is known for certain is that Mesothelial and thus mesothelin positive cells line the organs encased within the peritoneal cavity and equally coats the walls of the cavity. As a result, naturally occuring mesothelin cells are frequently found in both in any biopsy sample as well as peritoneal fluid.

My visual for this is that peritoneal organs are like fruits with the skin of the fruits being the mesothelial cells and any surgical equipment punching through to obtain a biopsy of any tumor encased or connected to an organ will inevitably have the fruit and the skin - and the overlap will be impossible to distinguish. Additionally, any tumor of any of the organs will have a flaking off aspect, so any FNA of peritoneal fluid will also hold a high likelihood of demonstrating mesothelin positivity.

Please post and/or email me directly

Sincerely and with great thanks.

Lynn P. (medical navigational psychologist)

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