Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health Records (EHR) have been identified as an Emerging Pratice in pathology by the CAP House of Delegates Action Group on Communications Regarding Pathology Practices. This page will serve as an up-to-date directory of resources regarding EMR/EHR.

This site provides reference material on Electronic medical records (EMR) and Electronic health records (EHR) in an archived form that includes important aspects for pathology practice and participation in the use and structure. There is an important distinction between EMR’s and EHR’s although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. In addition to providing reference materials that define the difference as well as discuss connectivity between systems, other subjects to understand include the role of these electronic records for meaningful use, government regulations and incentives for their use, vendors, capabilities and the use of patient portals. EMR and EHR systems are generally purported to improve patient care, patient safety and public health and pathology informatics will be central in supporting these systems. Electronic medical and health records may also be an important vehicle to reduce cost by improving accuracy and reducing overutilization. The effective transmission of data across systems to produce meaningful health records requires standardization of data. Our goal will be to provide electronic links for pathologists to better understand the subjects listed above and help them assume the role as leaders in providing electronic access and proper use of this health information.

Please feel free to add any relevant links regarding EMR/EHR to the list below (in alphabetical order).


General information on EMR/EHR

Meaningful use and EMR/EHR

LIS and EHR compatibility

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