The following are errors in the OLD, 1st edition 2006) version of Lefkowitch :

Liver Pathology (Chapter 6) Edit

  • p. 155/171, Question 49. "Peliosis hepatitis" is not listed as an answer choice, but the explanation on p. 171 implies that this is the answer
Lefkowitch cover

Neuropathology Chapter (Chapter 15): Edit

  • p. 420 Question 11. Correct answer should be "B", not "A"
  • p. 422. Question 20. Correct answer should be "C", not "20"
  • p. 424 Question 37. Answer choice is D, but an additional correct answer choice is B because meningiomas are seen in NF2, not NF1.

Infectious Disease Pathology (Chapter 19): Edit

  • p. 544 Question 41. Correct answer should be "E", not "D".


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