Performed for diagnosis/surveillance of Barrett’s esophagus (a clinical/endoscopic term) and for the diagnosis of other esophageal disorders.

Fresh Handling/Grossing In/Sample DictationEdit

See Endoscopic Biopsies General

Review and SignoutEdit

Describe the kind of epithelium/mucosa you see, and look for intestinal metaplasia (goblet cells) and/or dysplasia.

1. Esophagus, biopsy:

-Squamous and gastric cardio-oxyntic type mucosa, negative for intestinal metaplasia or dysplasia.
-Gastroesophageal mucosa with intestinal metaplasia, no dysplasia identified.
-Squamous mucosa with no specific pathologic change, no glandular epithelium identified.

If in doubt about the presence or absence of intestinal metaplasia in Barrett's epithelium, a PAS-Alcian blue or HID (high iron diamine)/Alcian blue may be obtained to demonstrate acid mucopolysaccharide.

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