A complete list/directory of all Head and Neck Pathology fellowship programs in the USA. If you know of a program that is not listed here, please add it to the list.

Alabama Edit

  • University of Alabama Medical Center, Birmingham





FYI - MGH doesn't actually have a full head and neck fellowship. They have all of the non-boarded surg path subspecialty fellowships under one umbrella, the "subspecialty surgical pathology fellowship." Apparently the ENT service is available for those fellows to rotate through for a few months, but is not a fellowship in and of itself. From the ENT (Head and Neck) pathology department's website

The head and neck pathology service does not have a formally funded fellowship, but the division often has visiting fellows rotating in our subspecialty for 1-6 months. In addition, senior MGH residents and surgical pathology fellows, sometimes elect to participate as "junior attending pathologists" in the signout of H&N cases.

Missouri Edit

  • Washington University in St. Louis



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