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St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center
Graduate Medical Education Office
Plant Building, Ground Fl
1111 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025
Telephone:(212) 523-2154

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency Program

Comment 1:

The St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center pathology residency program is on probation by ACGME. The board pass rate is merely 50%. The service work (grossing) is excessive and education is compromised especially at Beth Israel Medical Center, where residents spend 8 months grossing without any teaching (signout, conference, etc) activity. ACGME is considering closing this program. Ask the program director lots of questions before you come.

Comment 2: thread concerning this program:

Comment 3: (4/2013)

The residency program at SLRHC is well-balanced betwen AP and CP. The surgical volume is approximately 60k/yr proving enough exposure to all types of surgical specimens. The board pass rate in 2012 was 100% for first time takers. 

Comment 4: (4/2103) This program is on academic probation from the ACGME as of the 2012/2013 academic year (accreditation status here check accreditation status here).

Comment 5:  (2/18/2014)

This program is ACGME Accredited, effective 10/3/2013.

Hematopathology Fellowship

  • ACGME accredited, 1/yr.
  • The accreditation is pending review by ACGME.

GI/Liver Fellowship (at Beth Israel Medical Center)

  • Non-ACGME accredited, 1/yr.
  • Note: The fellow is not paid but can coordinate with department to work as a PA.

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