This page is for sharing ideas and goals of how to improve the Immunostain Wiki. If you have any ideas, please add them below. It is ok if you don't have time to actually pursue those ideas now: by listing them here, others can see your ideas and get to work on making those changes to the wiki. This wiki is a community project, and the more pathologists and histotechnologists who add info to it, the better it will be for everyone. Thank you for your help and involvement in this project.

Each specific stain will need its own entryEdit

(e.g., CK 7, CK 20, CK 5/6).

General pages can be created for large "families" of antibodies/antigensEdit

  • There could be a general keratin page that would simply have annotated links to the specific pages for each type of keratin.
  • It could include an explanation of the entire family of keratins (what they are, why there are different types and how that can be useful, etc).

Problem Solving / Practical Issues pages can be createdEdit

Once we get a robust volume of immunostain pages, we can start adding more practical, problem-solving pages, like:

  • "Mesothelioma vs. Adenocarcinoma"
  • "Small Round Cell Tumors"
  • "How to work up a metastatic carcinoma of unknown primary?"
  • "How to work up a high grade sarcoma"
  • "Common pitfalls in interpreting immunos"
  • "Most commonly misused/overused immunos" (eg - vimentin, CD99, etc)

If we do this as a staged process (immunostain pages first, then practical problem solving pages) we minimize the number of dead links to stain pages that don't yet exist.

Use a specific subtopic template for each immunostain pageEdit

Link to Immunostain template page:

this will help immensely in keeping each page organized and keeping the format uniform among pages and ensuring all the info that we need gets added to each page.

Examples of subtopics (if you have any ideas, please add them here):

  • Synonyms
  • Antibodies (and manufacturers)
  • Technical info (dilutions, technical tips on how to make the stain work better)
  • Expression in Normal Tissues (excellent idea!)
  • Staining Pattern (membranous vs. cytoplasmic, granular vs. fibrillary, dotlike, etc.)
  • Neoplastic Entities (maybe too vague?) (also list other stains that must be done to confirm [e.g. - desmin is + in rhabdomyosarcoma, but a + desmin is NOT enough. Must do myoD1 and/or myogenin.)
  • Non-Neoplastic Entities (?)
  • Common pitfalls (false +/-, misinterpretation of what + or - means in a given setting [eg - vimentin doesn not = mesenchymal tumor!, etc], is this a difficult/finicky stain to run?, does the staining pattern require a specific unusual appearance to be diagnostic [eg - claudin-1 for perineurioma is only considered positive when it has a punctate/granular MEMBRANOUS staining pattern...otherwise it is just nonspecific)

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