In Office Ancillary Services Exception Arrangements</span> have been identified as an Emerging Pratice related to pathology by the CAP House of Delegates Action Group on Communications Regarding Pathology Practices. This page will serve as an up-to-date directory of resources regarding the In Office Ancillary Services Exception (IOASE) Arrangements.

In Office Ancillary Services Exception: Basic InformationEdit

In Office Ancillary Services Exception: Links to Online ResourcesEdit

Please feel free to add any relevant links regarding the IOASE to the list below (in alphabetical order).

CAP Position on In Office Ancillary Services ExceptionEdit

Dark Daily E-briefingsEdit

Sign up for these free brief email reports sent out by the Dark Report regarding various timely topics related to the practice of pathology, including the IOASE.

The Pathology BlawgEdit

A pathology blog dealing with the in office lab self referral issue and other medico-legal topics.


Information about the Stark laws, including the IOASE.

Short Guide to Physician Self Referral Pathology ServicesEdit

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