Plastic surgery procedures to revise a (partial) mastectomy site will often generate a specimen containing some skin and a central scar. There is usually no suspicion of recurrent cancer, or a wider resection (or no surgery at all) would have been done.

Fresh HandlingEdit

Fix in formalin.

Grossing InEdit

No inking is necessary. Submit between 1 and 3 representative sections including any suspicious or remarkable areas.

Sample DictationEdit

The specimen consists of an ellipse of skin measuring ___ x ___ cm excised to a depth of ___ cm. The skin is (pink/brown) and contains a central scar measuring ___ cm, without other grossly apparent lesions. Representative sections are submitted in ___.

Review and SignoutEdit

1. Skin, mastectomy scar, resection:

Skin with scar, no tumor seen.

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