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National Capital Consortium Program

Barbara Crothers, DO

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Dept of Pathology Bldg 9 8901 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD 20887&nbsp

Tel: (301) 295-8639 Fax: (301) 295-1415


Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency ProgramEdit

The National Capital Region Consortium's Pathology Residency program is open to active duty applicants from all three armed services. Interested applicants should contact the program director by telephone at (202-782-7744).

Program Director

  • Barbara Crothers, DO

Other Notable Faculty

Program Info

  • ACGME Accredited? Yes
  • Sponsors Visas?
  • Allows External Electives? How many?
  • Number of residents (per year / total): 4/yr, 19 total
  • Vacation Time (annually):
  • Core rotations done at which hospitals? How many core rotations at each hospital?
  • Average work hours on surg path? 50-60
  • Are you allowed to do external rotations? Yes
  • AP/CP Call Schedule

Comment 1

  • Date Posted: 10/2011

Do you feel you have:

  • Adequate preview time? Yes
  • Adequate support staff (P.A.’s, secretarial, etc.)? Yes
  • Adequate AP Teaching? Yes
  • Adequate CP Teaching? In progress

Comment 2

  • Date Posted:

Pros: Cons:


Dermatopathology fellowship? Is there a dermpath fellowship here? If so, please post a link to webpage. Thanks.

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