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Department of Pathology & Cell Biology
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
630 W. 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

Ms. Casey Schadie
Coordinator, Residency Training Program
Tel: 212 305-5697

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency ProgramEdit

Program Director: Charles Marboe, MD (Executive Assistant Casie Schadie)

Number of residents (per year / total): 5-8 / 23

Are you allowed to do external rotations?

  • Yes

Do you feel you have: Adequate preview time?

  • Yes

Adequate support staff (P.A.’s, secretarial, etc.)?

  • Yes

Adequate AP Teaching?

  • Yes

Adequate CP Teaching?

  • Yes


  • 1-on-1 surg path sign-outs, superb attendings, state-of-the-art resources
  • Great Transfusion Medicine/Apheresis rotation


  • Some other CP rotations (microbiology, chemistry) are weak

Average work hours on surg path?

  • 60-70 hours/week

Famous Faculty:

  • Steven Spitalnik (Transfusion Medicine)
  • Joseph Schwartz (Transfusion Medicine)

Are Fellowship Programs Offered? Please list:

  • Yes. Surgical Pathology, GI pathology, hematopathology, molecular pathology, neuropathology, renal pathology, transfusion medicine.

Surgical Pathology FellowshipEdit

There are two surgical pathology fellows each year and the fellowship is one year long. The program is unique in that each fellow is considered a Junior Attending and has signout privileges. When they are on service, the fellows sign out biopsies and larges. During off-service months, the fellows sign out frozen sections on their own.

There is no weekend coverage during this fellowship.

Gastrointestinal Pathology FellowshipEdit

We accept one GI fellow each year. The fellows work closely with the GI attendings to sign out their cases and present at department conferences.

The GI fellowship includes lumenal biopsies, pancreas, and liver. We are a liver transplant center and there are many explants and liver biopsies seen each day. We see a high volume of pancreatectomies and have an active GI biopsy service. The attendings are excellent and also pleasant to work with. Everyone is approachable with questions or research inquiries.

Renal Pathology FellowshipEdit

There is one renal fellow per year and they work closely with the Renal pathology attendings: D'Agati, Markowitz, Stokes, and Hurlitz. They preview cases and sign them out with attending supervision, as well as present at nephrology conferences. There is ample exposure to IF and EM.

Our Renal Pathology department has one of the highest volumes in the nation and there is also a high volume of consult cases from other institutions.

Hematopathology FellowshipEdit

There are two hematopathology fellows each year and the program is one year long. The two fellows alternate covering the service each month and they sign out the tissue and flow results. During off service months, the fellows have time to participate in research or rotate through other services such as the flow lab and HLA lab.

Neuropathology FellowshipEdit

There is one neuropathology fellow each year and the program is two years long. Generally, they are accepted as PGY1s in the AP/NP track, although occasionally fellowship-only spots become available.

The first year fellow covers the service and the second year fellow does primarily research. Every third weekend, they cover the neuropathology pager.

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