Parvovirus B19 IHC with nuclear and cytoplasmic staining of infected giant pronormoblasts


Anti-parvovirus antibody targets the capsid proteins VP1 and VP2 on human parvovirus

Technical InfoEdit

Pretreatment with EDTA, incubation time of 30-60 minutes at room temp or 16-32 minutes at 37 degree Celsius.

Staining PatternEdit

Nuclear and cytoplasmic staining of infected pronormoblasts in bone marrow (see photo at right) or in placental tissues.

Pertinent NegativesEdit

This antigen is typically NOT expressed by non-infected cells.

Practical Uses Edit

Useful for evaluation in immunosuppressed individuals suspected of harboring Parvovirus infection but unable to produce IgG or IgM antibodies for serologic testing. PCR testing may also be performed in this situation.

Can also be used to evaluate placental tissue in cases of spontaneous abortion, especially if maternal blood is not available for serological testing.


Cell Marque Immunohistochemistry Reference Guide, Vol. 9, p. 170

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