Penrose-St Francis Health Services Program

Daniel C Mayes, MD Penrose Hosp Dept of Pathology 2222 N Nevada Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Tel: (719) 776-5816 Fax: (719) 776-2108


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Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency ProgramEdit

Program Director

  • Daniel Mayes

Other Notable Faculty

Program Info

  • ACGME Accredited? Yes
  • Sponsors Visas?
  • Allows External Electives? How many?
  • Number of residents (per year / total): two/8
  • Vacation Time (annually):
  • Core rotations done at which hospitals? How many core rotations at each hospital?
  • Average work hours on surg path? 9 am - 6 pm
  • Are you allowed to do external rotations? Yes. Highly encouraged. Most residents do 2-5 months of away rotations.
  • AP/CP Call Schedule

Comment 1

  • Date Posted: 10/2011

Do you feel you have:

  • Adequate preview time? 2-day grossing and sign-out schedule so no dedicated preview time, but residents given graduated responsibility eventually, only relying on staff for case review and finalization.
  • Adequate support staff (P.A.’s, secretarial, etc.)? Yes. Program coordinator position should be filled soon.
  • Adequate AP Teaching? Yes. Work directly with staff pathologists at double head scope for sign-out until resident is ready to dictate and sign out cases on their own.
  • Adequate CP Teaching? Much of CP training is self-study, but some lectures are scheduled into the rotations.

Pros: Small, friendly environment that fosters learning and individual development. Ease of scheduling away rotations allows residents to obtain great fellowships. Learn pathology in a private-practice setting.

Cons: Not a lot of structured lectures/conferences, learning occurs nearly exclusively on the job/at the scope. No fellowships offered.

Comment 2

  • Date Posted:


None offered.

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