Reduction mammoplasty specimens from patients above age 35 should be carefully examined and multiple sections submitted. Carcinoma is found unexpectedly in approximately 1 in 200 such patients. If reduction is performed on a patient who has a known carcinoma in same or opposite breast, consult with staff.

Fresh HandlingEdit

  • The requisition may ask you to “call O.R. with weight.”
  • Offer tissue for tumor banking.
  • Fix in formalin.

Grossing InEdit

  • Weigh these specimens and record weight in gross description.
  • Section at 1 cm intervals and carefully examine for lesions.
  • Summary of Sections:
    • 3 (each side) for patients less than 35 years
    • 6 (each side) for patients more than 35 years
    • Include skin in one section, if present.
  • Consult staff if patient has known carcinoma in same or contralateral breast (sometimes they are reduced to make it cosmetically similar to a prosthesis)

Submit the case in a bucket designated for “breast”, “fat”, or “16 hour” processing (all of these mean the same thing).

Review and SignoutEdit

1. Breast, right, reduction mammoplasty:

Benign breast tissue.
Benign breast tissue, no tumor seen.
Breast tissue with non-proliferative fibrocystic changes, no tumor seen.

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