Q: What are some good questions to ask during my interview for residency?

A: Some general questions that you will want to know the answers to include:

- Is your program split evenly with anatomic and clinical pathology (AP/CP)?

- Do most residents in your program do an AP/CP track?

- What is a typical day like on surgical pathology? What is a typical day like on clinical rotations?

- How are residents evaluated?

- What kind of research opportunities are available for residents in your program?

- Are residents provided opportunities to attend national meetings?

- What is a typical call schedule like at your program?

- Where do most residents live?

Q: What should I bring to my interview?

A: Bring a copy of your CV and personal statement. Sometimes interviewers may misplace these items, and having an extra copy makes you look prepared. Also, if your CV has been updated since your original application, it shows that you have continued working hard!

Q: Is it necessary to do an away rotation in pathology?

A: Away rotations are a great way to get to know how a specific program works, but it is not essential to do an away rotation in order to get an interview at most programs.

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