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Thomas Montine, MD, PhD Stanford Univ Med Ctr Dept of Pathology L235 300 Pasteur Dr Stanford, CA 94305-5324

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Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency ProgramEdit

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Program name:      Stanford - CA

Program Directors:  Kimberly Allison/Robert Ohgami/Niaz Banaei

Number of residents (per year / total):            8-10/yr

Visas sponsored?   Unsure

Pros:        Learning from world famous pathology faculty, financial and other support to go to conferences, excellence in translational pathology research.

Cons:       Bay area is expensive.

Average work hours on surgical path?           60-70 hrs/wk

Are you allowed to do external rotations? Yes*

Do you feel you have:

·         Adequate preview time? Yes

·         Adequate reading time? Yes

·         Adequate support staff (PA’s, Secretarial, etc…)? Yes

·         Adequate AP Teaching? Yes

·         Adequate CP Teaching? Yes

·         Graduated responsibilities? Yes

Fellowship Programs offered? Please list:  Surgical Pathology, GYN/Breast, Derm, Heme, Transfusion, Molecular, Neuro, Cytopath

CAP Standardized Fellowship Application Accepted? Unsure

Additional benefits to trainees (Book Fund, Travel Fund, Other resources):     Book fund; housing stipend; travel fund if presenting at conference; internal resident research grants

Nationally Renown Faculty:     Richard Kempson, Gerry Berry, Teri Longacre, Roger Warnke, Andrew Fire (Nobel prize), Tom Montine, Kimberly Allison, Christina Kong, Robert Ohgami, Robert West, Matthew van de Rijn, James Zehnder

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SDN thread discussing this program:

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1 year ACGME accredited fellowship. 2 positions available each year.


1 year ACGME accredited fellowship. 2 positions available each year.


1 year ACGME accredited fellowship. 4 positions available each year.

Molecular Genetic PathologyEdit

1 year ACGME accredited fellowship. 3 positions available each year.


2 year ACGME accredited fellowship. 1 position available each year.

Transfusion MedicineEdit

1 year ACGME accredited fellowship. 2 position available each year.

Surgical PathologyEdit

1 year Non-Accredited Fellowship. 4 positions available each year.