Performed usually to rule out H. pylori or other types of inflammatory processes (gastritis), however sometimes they are taking samples of suspicious lesions (adenocarcinoma, lymphoma…)

Fresh Handling/Grossing In/Sample DictationEdit

See Endoscopic biopsies general

Review and SignoutEdit

If you find gastritis, you should look for bugs, and get a thiazine to look for H. pylori. If the biopsy is from antrum and the clinical question on the requisition is to rule out H. Pylori, some faculty like to pre-order this stain. (Some labs use H. pylori immunostain instead of thiazine.)

1. Stomach, (body, antrum), biopsy:

-Gastric (oxyntic, antral)-type mucosa without significant inflammation or dysplasia.
-Chronic gastritis, (in-, minimally, mildly, moderately, severely) active, gastric (oxyntic, antral)-type mucosa, see note.

Comment: A thiazine stain was performed and is negative/positive for H. pylori organisms OR Thiazine stain for H. pylori will be performed and the result will be reported in an addendum.

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