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Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency ProgramEdit

Residency Program Director: Aliya Husain, MD


Tel: (773) 834-8397

Fax: (773) 834-7644

Dermatopathology FellowshipEdit

This dermatopathology fellowship is within the section of Dermatology at the University. Dr. Christopher Shea (the section chief), Dr. Vesna Petronic-Rosic (pronounced Pet-ron-ic Roe-sich) are the two main dermatopathologists. Dr. Keyoumars Soltani signs out the immunofluorescence. All three are dermatologist-dermatopathologists.

Fellowship DetailsEdit

Each year two fellows are accepted; one dermatologist and one pathologist. The service is very managable with each fellow alternating weeks on service. The off service fellow is present at preview and signout but is not responsible for the paperwork. Fellows are responsible for weekly dermpath teaching at the multiheaded scope for the dermatology residents, and bi-monthly teaching at the multiheaded scope for the pathology residents. In addition fellows are responsible for the pathology lecture series given to the dermatology residents in morning conference. Interviews occur during March of April of 16 months prior to the fellowship year.

The application can be found at

The Standardized Fellowship Application is not currently accepted.

Fellowship positions have been filled through the 2010- 2011 academic year.

Interview DayEdit

There is a single interview day where all invited candidates (6-8 people) are interviewed for the "pathology" fellowship spot. The interview day consists of welcome breakfast, tour, a few short interviews, and a session around the microscope. There is no pimping at the scope, however, participation in the signout is encouraged.

The chosen candidate will be notified approximately 1-2 weeks after the interview.

About the DermatopathologistsEdit

Dr. Christopher Shea MDEdit

BA 1976 Brown University Biology
MD 1983 Georgetown University
Residency 1989 Massachusetts General Hospital Dermatology
Fellowship 1992 New York Hospital Dermatopathology

Academic interests:

Dr. Shea is interested in cutaneous lymphoma and has a weekly lymphoma clinic. In addition he is interested in the pathology of melanocytic lesions.

Personal interests:

Dr. Shea is interested in literature, poetry and music. He will often recite verses of poetry from Palgrave's Golden Treasury.

Dr. Vesna Petronic-RosicEdit

MD 1989 University of Belgrade General Medicine
Residency 1995 University of Belgrade Dermatovenereology
Fellowship 1999 Thomas Jefferson University Dermatopathology
Residency 2003 Thomas Jefferson University Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology
Fellowship 2004 The University of Chicago Dermatopathology

Academic Interests:

Dr. Rosic interested in the correlation of clinical dermatology and Pathology. She was a dermatopathology fellow of Bernie Ackerman and as such has a particular interest in inflammatory dermatopathology.

Personal Interests:

Dr. Rosic is from Serbia and travels there yearly to visit her mother and extended family. She is married and has two children. She loves working out and is quite the movie buff.

Dr. Keyoumars SoltaniEdit

MD 1965 University of Tehran
Residency 1971 Temple University Dermatology
Fellowship 1972 The University of Chicago Dermatology

Academic Interests:

Dr. Soltani is a clinical dermatologist who specializes in Mohs surgery. He also signs out all of the departments immunofluorescence.

Personal interests: Dr. Soltani is interested in language and as such speaks many languages fluently.

Surgical Pathology FellowshipEdit

Cytopathology FellowshipEdit

Gastrointestinal Pathology FellowshipEdit

At the University of Chicago Medical Center there is a separate signout for GI specimens (biopsies and bigs). Residents sign out the cases with one of the three GI pathology attendings: Dr John Hart, Dr Shu-Yuan Xiao, or Dr Jerrold Turner. The GI fellow (there may be one or two in a given year) signs out the consult cases from patients coming to the UCMC from elsewhere, and the personal consult cases of Dr Hart. The fellow also signs out all of the liver biopsy cases. The fellow participates in a number of multidisciplinary conferences (GI oncology conference, Inflammatory bowel disease conference, Liver conference, GI Grand Rounds, Pediatric GI conference, Endoscopic mucosal resection conference). Clinical or basic science research is also expected.

Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology FellowshipEdit

Clinical Chemistry FellowshipEdit

Head & Neck Pathology FellowshipEdit

Thoracic and Surgical Pathology FellowshipEdit

Renal Pathology FellowshipEdit

Hematopathology FellowshipEdit

Blood Bank FellowshipEdit

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