Moffitt Cancer Center @ USF

University of South Florida Program

Program consists of three main hospitals: Moffitt Cancer Center, James A. Haley VA, and Tampa General Hospital. Additional training at Bay Pines VA, USF Morsani Diagnostic Laboratory and OneBlood Services. James A. Haley is the largest VA in the country. Majority of time during residency is spent at Moffitt Cancer Center and James A. Haley. Most fellowships are at Moffitt Cancer Center, except Forensics at the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Office.

Dr. Anne Champeaux is the Program Director.

12901 Bruce B Downs Blvd, MDC Box 11, Tampa, FL 33612-4799

Tel: (813) 974-2364 Fax: (813) 905-9896


Anatomic and Clinical Pathology ResidencyEdit

Residency Program Director: Dr. Anne Champeaux

Dr. Evita Henderson-Jackson is the associate Program Director.Dept of Pathology and Cell Biology

Number of Residents (total): 16

Number of Residents (annually): 4

AP/CP Integrated Program. External Electives allowed, but unpaid leave. Program consists of 22 months required AP, 20 months required CP, and 6 months electives. One research and quality improvement project is required. Vacation is 15 days every year, and 9 days sick leave with 1 day being given to a general pool for emergencies. Travel is funded if presenting a poster/platform. Senior residents are sent to AP/CP board review course (Osler Course).

Comment 1:

PROs: You get to see a wide variety of specimens and practices, including a VA, a cancer center and a private practice group (TGH). You have a lot of free time for research, self study, and/or family. Hours are roughly 8-5 M-F. Call is practically non-existent. We have enough PA's to cover all hospitals if need be. We have 100% first time board pass rate for at least the last 8 years, I don't know before that. Now that we have a new PD, it is much better than it has been in previous years.

CONs: The program is kind of disorganized and you have to do a lot of self teaching. There is one hospital we rotate at that is an hour's drive away and the traffic is bad. You need be very self motivated and figure some things out on your own. That being said, if you are comfortable asking for help, you will get it. Plus, some people do better in a program where you are not micro-managed every minute and can choose to work/study how you want (within reason). Like any program, you will quickly learn which attendings are not so nice.

Comment 2: 3/26/13

Program name:      University of South Florida

Program Director:  Dr. Jane Messina

Number of residents (per year / total):            4/16

Visas sponsored?   Yes

Pros:   Wide variety of settings (ie: cancer center, VA, and private practice); large # of faculty; adjacent to medical examiner's office; flexibility; regular lectures;

Cons: Variety of settings has is disadvantages (lowered interaction w/other residents, etc…)

Average work hours on surgical path?           50/wk

Are you allowed to do external rotations? Yes

Do you feel you have:

·         Adequate preview time? Yes

·         Adequate reading time? Yes

·         Adequate support staff (PA’s, Secretarial, etc…)? Yes

·         Adequate AP Teaching? Yes

·         Adequate CP Teaching? Yes

·         Graduated responsibilities? Yes

Fellowship Programs offered? Please list.        Surgical Oncology; Derm; Heme; Cyto; Forensics; Peds

CAP Standardized Fellowship Application Accepted? No

Additional benefits to trainees (Book Fund, Travel Fund, Other resources):     $1000/yr Book fund; Travel fund if presenting

Famous Faculty: Barbara Centeno (Pancreatic cyto); Ramon Sandin (CP/micro/infectious disease); Enid Gilbert-Barness (guru of ped path)

Cytopathology FellowshipEdit

Fellowship Program Director: Marilyn M. Bui, MD

Training at Moffitt Cancer Center and includes a good amount of fellow performed Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsies and Touch Preps

Fellowship Length: 1 year

Positions Per Year: 1

CAP Standardized Application Accepted

Dermatopathology FellowshipEdit

Fellowship Program Director: Jane L. Messina MD

Training at Moffitt Cancer Center and USF Health Clinic

Fellowship Length: 1 year

Positions Every Year: 1

Position for 2019: Filled

Position for 2020:?

CAP Standardized Application Accepted

Forensic Pathology FellowshipEdit

Fellowship Program Director: Mary Mainland, MD

Training at the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Department, near the USF campus.

Fellowship Length: 1 year

Positions per Year: 1

Position for 2011: Filled

Position for 2012: Filled

CAP Standardized Application Accepted

From a resident point of view, great facilities and great people. There are few better places to go to get a high-quality forensic path education, and you are treated respectfully at every turn. Even the medical students who rotate there get their own offices.


Can any one say how to apply for the fellowship program ?????. Is forensic medicine and forensic pathology same. Can a MD in forensic medicine apply this fellowship program thanks my email

Hematopathology FellowshipEdit

Fellowship Program Director: Lynn Moscinski MD

Training at Moffitt Cancer Center

Fellowship Length: 2 year

Positions per Year: 2

Position for 2011: Filled

Position for 2012: Filled

Position for 2013: No open positions

CAP Standardized Application Accepted, I believe

Oncologic Surgical Pathology FellowshipEdit

Fellowship Program Director: Ardeshir Hakam, MD, MBA

Training at Moffitt Cancer Center

Fellowship Length: 1 year

Positions per Year: 2

CAP Standardized Application Accepted

Program: This is an excellent hospital to gain experience in cancer biology, pathology, and treatment. Over 12,000-13,000 specimens a year are submitted and reviewed in the pathology department excluding outside consultations (range 8000-9000 cases). A variety of malignancies are encountered from all areas of the body including glial tumors, soft tissue/bone tumors, gastrointestinal tumors, gynecological tumors, genitourinary tumors, head and neck tumors, and more... The experience will make you a better diagnostician and give you more confidence in your abilities as well as improve communication skills with clinicians/surgeons allowing you to take part in the team approach in caring for patients.