The recent CAP 2015 Election resulted in a draw for Secretary-Treasurer. There is now a run-off election between Rick Gomez and Gail Vance. I know and like both Rick and Gail personally, but I am voting for Dr. Richard Gomez for Secretary Treasurer. My reasons are detailed below. All CAP members should have received a ballot by now (search your email for "Run-off Election: 2015 College of American Pathologists"). If you didn't get a ballot, contact Tari McDermand 800-323-4040 x 7260 or 

The run-off election is open until Sept 24. PLEASE VOTE! It takes less than one minute. This is your chance to have a voice in the CAP.



Jerad M. Gardner, MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Dermatology

Dermatopathology, Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology 
Program Director, Dermatopathology Fellowship 

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Why I'm voting for Dr. Richard Gomez:

1. He has been involved in the CAP for his ENTIRE career (ever since residency!) and has volunteered in numerous different areas of the College. In fact, he is the first ever CAP Residents Forum delegate to later become a member of the CAP Board of Governors. As a former Chair of the Residents Forum, I am deeply impressed by this. It is a wonderful example to show our trainees that getting involved as a resident truly matters and can shape the course of their careers! 

2. Dr. Gomez has extensive experience with CAP Lab Accreditation. He has inspected labs all over the world. Rick understands the wide variety of issues impacting labs large and small, academic and private. He understands the need for ensuring quality and for continuing to make the accreditation process more user-friendly for practicing pathologists.

3. Rick has been a friend and mentor to many residents and new-in-practice pathologists like me. I've personally seen him go out of his way numerous times to meet, spend time with, and help junior members in any way he can. He is humble and real, he remembers where he came from, and he constantly "pays it forward" to others who are just starting out. THIS is what a leader should be like. 

4. Dr. George Kwass, a 3rd candidate who ran for Secretary-Treasurer in the initial election, is not participating in the run-off ballot. Dr. Kwass is now supporting Dr. Gomez.

I want our Secretary-Treasurer to have more than just good financial skills. I want him to have vision to understand where the tides may take our specialty and to help us plan for and navigate those waters successfully. I want him to have an eye for the future and for ensuring that strong leaders are grown from within the College to one day pilot the ship for the benefit of future generations of pathologists. From everything I've seen of Rick Gomez so far, I think he's the best person for the job. I hope you will take a moment to vote for him.

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